Jeremy has the enviable task of helping the team achieve the best possible results for our brand owners while keeping an experienced and beady eye on finding new and interesting brands for our portfolio.

As a boat owner and regular seafarer, his favourite tipple is Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur, kept in a hip-flask, for warming up cold sailing days. His dream Guinness World Record is to enjoy the slowest circumnavigation of the world on a yacht, calling into every known, picturesque harbour. Who would play him in a movie? He has no idea and neither do we. Any ideas?

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As the International Brand Equity Development Director here at Marblehead, Estelle is in charge of activation programmes for all brands within the Marblehead portfolio, focusing on the UK on-trade.

Her choice of tipple is a classic Daiquiri and her (dream) Guinness World Record is the 100m Sprint. We sense a competitive streak with a love of speed and getting things done! She’s keeping shtum on who would play her in a film so watch this space.


With a name worthy of a Hollywood star, Gabrielle D’Alessandro is Marblehead’s UK Trade Marketing Manager, looking after all on-trade marketing for our portfolio of brands, whether that be with premium bars, hotels or the ‘ole’ east-end boozer, which are super trendy these days. Working with the team of Brand Specialists and Business Development Managers, Gabrielle delivers creative marketing activations to increase rate of sale, drive trial of a product or simply to raise awareness of a brand.

Her favour tipple is an Espresso Martini (with the White Russian a close second). She’s a self-confessed cream fiend, so anything smooth and nutty ignites her taste buds.

Her dream Guinness World Record is to speak 6,500 languages, aka every spoken language in the world today! This girl is ambitious, much like the woman she nominated to play her in a movie – the fabulously funny Amy Schumer. Not your typical Hollywood gal but with a tragically funny vibe about her, that’s Gabby spot on. Her name in lights is coming.


Scott is our Business Development Manager (BDM) for the North, although he tells his friends that the BD stands for ‘Big Dog.’ Not a title for the business card but Scott skilfully manages the regional team and a number of key customers to generate new business through increasing brand distribution, presence, and activity within the on-trade and specialist off-trade.

He’s been known to quaff a fine Northumbrian Ale from time to time but recently, he’s all about the caipirinha – Brazil’s national drink. He just can’t seem to shake the addiction.

His (dream) Guinness World Record requires a loud voice and a few tunes; he wants to not only compete in a karaoke competition in every major European City, but to win in each city too. Who would play him in a movie? That would be Vin Diesel, or Thin’ Diesel as his mates call him. Sounds like Scott is all brains but a little light on the muscle.

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A Daniel Craig (see above) look-alike with a killer golf swing, Adam manages national accounts focusing primarily on pub groups as well as looking after the IFT (Independent Free Trade) within the South of London.

Bond may like his martinis, but Adam’s favourite tipple is a caipirinha, using Brazilian cachaça – Ypióca. When asked who would play him in a movie? Daniel Craig of course and if he could break a Guinness World Record, it would be to hit the longest drive in golfing history. The next Rory McIlroy? Maybe not quite yet.


Our stylish girl about town and Brand Specialist for Central London with a focus on groups and premium retail, Stef prefers her cocktails bubbly, aka the 2 ‘C’s – Classic and Champagne.

Stef’s dream Guinness World Record would have to be one that required little training, requires copious amounts of strong black coffee and a heavy dose of fabulous. We’ll update her profile when we decide exactly what that might be.

Sandra Bullock would play her in a comedy and Meryl Streep for that Oscar winning performance.


Barcelona born and now resident in London’s hip East End, Xavi is one of our Brand Specialists in the buzzing capital city.

His favourite tipple? We could be predictable and plump for his homeland’s sangria but he is actually more partial to tequila on the rocks with a dash of fresh lime juice. For his dream Guinness World Record, this guy likes his cars at the classic end of the spectrum and would put his stylish foot to the pedal on the ultimate road trip around the globe.

Who would play him in a movie? He’s still driving around thinking who that might be.

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Liam is our Brand Specialist for the West Midlands covering on-trade around Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham, looking after bars and wholesalers.

His favourite cocktail is the Long Island Iced Tea, no doubt served best somewhere hot and summery. Meanwhile, Liam’s dream Guinness World Record is one of gluttonous indulgence – to eat the most amount of hamburgers in one sitting. The current World Record stands at 105. He should have a chat with his colleague Chris so they could share this eye-watering feat.

Mark Wahlberg would play him in a movie; the 105 burgers of muscle version.


Chris is our Brand Specialist for the North looking after wholesalers, groups and independent businesses.

He’s a fan of a simple and classic G&G against the spiced background of Ophir Gin on a warm afternoon. Here’s hoping we have plenty of those days this year. That’s the booze question answered. From a gastronomic perspective, Chris is a fan of the classic burger, which forms part of his dream Guinness World Record.

That would be to set the record for eating the most Big Macs in a day as he’s a huge fan of McDonalds. A young David Hasslehoff would play him in a movie (think Knight Rider era). Something tells us he’d also like some ‘cheese’ with that Big Mac.


As Scotland’s Brand Specialist, Jon creates the appetite for Marblehead products within the on-trade, with a focus on premium bars and restaurants.

His favourite drink is anything with whisky. Add some sweet vermouth, some bitters and you have his undivided attention. If he were to choose a Guinness World Record to be remembered for, he’d prefer something prestige; think the land speed record rather than the guy with the longest fingernails. He couldn’t be stirring an old fashioned like that!

The jury is out on the film star that could do a perfect him in a film. Maybe Ewan McGregor, somewhere between Renton and Obi-wan. You get the picture.

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Patrick is our freelance PR whiz, handling communications for a number of our brands. Never short of a bright idea, he has a revolving retinue of favourite tipples.

One month it’s a Darker Don (Don Papa Rum and ginger beer), the next it’s a gin martini with an occasional whisky and coke thrown in for good measure. His dream Guinness World Record is to learn five instruments in a year – piano, violin, cello, harp and guitar. Damian Lewis would play him in a movie. He knows this as he is quite regularly mistaken for him. Damian, not Patrick that is.


Elsie is our super organized Sales and Logistics Co-ordinator, processing sales orders and deliveries as well as the day-to-day running of our Glasgow office.

Her favourite tipple is a classic Berkeley Square Gin and Tonic and her dream Guinness World Record? To win the lottery. Not quite what we meant but we get what she means. Maybe the biggest lottery win ever? Her daughter would play her in a movie as a younger version of myself. Our sweetest answer yet.


Alison is our Sales and Logistics Co-coordinator who processes orders with lightning speed and oversees customer services, with the cheeriest of dispositions.

Her top tipple is Gin with almost anything. We won’t ask! Her dream Guinness World Record would be to travel the world in record time, and we bet she could make that happen with those organizational skills of hers. Who would play her in a movie? Ideally herself, so we’re guessing there’s an aspiring actress in there. Stay tuned.